Los Angeles, CA

Completed, 1999

Owned by, and designed in collaboration with, installation artist Karen Kimmell and her husband, James Bond, this innovative Los Angeles menswear boutique occupied a glass-fronted raw space clearly visible to pedestrians and cars on Beverly Boulevard, especially at night, when illuminated from within. Mindful of the brand’s desire to integrate artistic interventions, and working with a limited budget, the scheme for the store took creative advantage of existing conditions. Bold but simple sculptural constructions made of theater scrim and gelled fluorescent lighting both divided the space and displayed hanging product, while glass-topped architectural flat files housed folded pieces. Opposite the glazed façade, a 30-foot-long wall became not only a backdrop for the merchandise but also a blank canvas that a different artist-collaborator would refresh with a new installation every 60 days.

1- Kbond
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