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Bloom W Lexington Avenue

New York, NY

Completed, 2000

2,196 sq. ft. / 204 sq. m. retail store located in the W Hotel
The Inspired Retail Space, 2003
By Corinna Dean
"Bloom, W Hotel, New York, NY"
The flower store Bloom has created a new way to sell flowers. Two years ago, Lesly Zamor opened the first Bloom store in the Chelsea district of Manhattan. The decision to open a second store in the sleek, modern W Hotel meant that a more contemporary look was needed than that expressed in the rustic Chelsea interior. The architectural firm Janson Goldstein was called on to rise to the challenge. Hal Goldstein sums up the mood conveyed in the ultraseductive and modern setting of Bloom:

1 - Bar
2 - Pots
3 - Reflecting Pool
5 - Reflective Pool
6 - View from Outside
7 - Pool
00- Bloom W
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