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Riverside Drive Residence

New York, NY

Completed, 1999

1,593 sq. ft. / 148 sq. m. Apartment
Interior Design Magazine, March 2000
By Monica Geran
"Civil Rights"
Janson Goldstein designs a pre-war flat for a New York couple resolved to follow a civilized way of living and entertaining.
Marti Meyerson and Jamie Hooper had been living in a fairly small West-Side Manhattan apartment for some years. During that time, they came to know Hal Goldstein, partner with Mark Janson at their namesake design firm, Janson Goldstein. It was almost a matter of course, then, that the clients-to-be turned to their friend when they decided to move to a 1,600-sq-ft flat on Riverside Drive. Their wish list was short yet revealing. First, they wanted their new habitat to look as large as possible without, however, aping modish lofts; retention of the building

00 -Hooper Meyerson
3 - Dining Room
2 - Dining Room
6 - Kitchen
4 - Bedroom
5 - Bathroom
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