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Flatiron Loft Residence

New York, NY

Completed, 1998

1,991 sq. ft. / 185 sq. m. Loft
Lofts & Apartments in NYC, 1999
By Matteo Vercelloni
"Chromatic Rigor"
This spacious loft in the Flatiron district was completely restructured in order to create a new living space, which could be used as both a home and an office. Its uses were meant to be extended to business dinners ad luncheons, as well as meetings. The owner, a professional who works in the public relations field, wanted an interior design that would also enable him to expose his contemporary art collection in the best possible manner. The designers, therefore, planned the entire project around a range of colors inspired by the painting of Brice Marden. Little remains of the loft

00- Flatiron
05 Flatiron
2 - Living Room
3 - Entry
4 - Dining
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