PROJECTS > 1200 New Hampshire Avenue NW

1200 New Hampshire Avenue NW

Washington D.C.

Completed, 2012

Near Washington, D.C.’s Dupont Circle, the addition of a new public plaza, lobby-entry and, most prominently, a sparkling glass retail pavilion transform a 35-year-old brick office building. Carefully inserted into the foreground of the existing structure, the 10,000-square-foot pavilion is clad in custom-made, 22-foot-high glass panels. These panels feature a patterned, mirrored interlayer that both reflects the streetscape — including a green oasis across the street — and allows for views into the new space, now occupied by a bank and a television studio. The design of the glass and its uninterrupted, mullion-free installation abstract the pavilion’s mass, and shifting natural light creates continuous changes in its appearance. Inside, the lobby combines a crystal-clear, low-iron glass façade, oil-quenched bronze walls, flame-finished granite and polished quartzite.

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