PROJECTS > Mix at The Breakers Palm Beach

Mix at The Breakers Palm Beach

Palm Beach, FL

Completed, 2008

Reimaging the glass-enclosed central loggia of The Breakers Palm Beach, this new master plan for the property’s retail courtyard elevates and expands the shopping experience at the historic Italian Renaissance-style hotel. The concept includes a fully realized fashion-jewelry boutique called The Mix and the development of additional branded boutiques for clothing, swimwear and footwear. These elements enhance the guest experience, generate significant revenue and establish The Breakers as a retail destination for affluent locals, benefiting both retail and dining venues. Freestanding at the courtyard’s focal point, The Mix serves as a beacon. Its four sides of 14-foot-high, classically inspired glass arches and unique, vertical, eye-level window displays show the jewelry off to maximum effect, especially at night, when the store’s glowing windows become a major draw.

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